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We work with some of the most talented individuals and groups we've come across.

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Nikki McClure

Nikki uses an x-acto knife to cut her designs into paper.

Berkley Illustration

Amazing Illustrations of Animals In Suits.

Emily Winfield Martin

Emily paints delightful action.

Little Truths Studio

Lori Roberts runs Little Truths Studio from a tiny studio set in the lush green landscape outside of Portland, Oregon.

Sean Tejaratchi

The mastermind behind the wonderful Crap Hound magazine.

Carson Ellis

Carson Ellis is an author and illustrator known for her work on The Wildwood Chronicles and more.

Notes to Self

Rad Feminist Stickers, Patches and Prints.

Sarah Utter

Reading Is Sexy? Sarah says so.


Durido is the illustration studio of Mojca and Marko based in Slovenia.

Jill Bliss

Art, images and goods featuring west coast plants, animals & ecosystems.

Adam J. Kurtz

Adam JK knows that things are what you make of them.

Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood is a professional Adventure Cartoonist based in Portland, Oregon.

Will Bryant

Hip cat from Texas drawing radness.

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

WPA-Inspired Pro-Garden Propaganda

Gemma Correll

Pugs, wit and charm in a style all her own.

Power and Light Press

Handprinted letterpress excellence.

Susie Ghahremani

Her delightful illustrations bring a smile to the face of all who see them.

Trish Grantham

Trish Grantham paints charming animals and other anthropomorphized objects.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero is a professional designer, accidental writer, lapsed illustrator, and terrible photographer.

Always With Honor

Always With Honor is the design and illustration studio of Elsa and Tyler Lang.

Fickle Hill Letterpress

Fickle Hill Letterpress, a small design and letterpress shop located among the redwoods of Northern California.

Yellow Owl Workshop

Fun and bold stamps, cards, enamel pins, jewelry and more.

Little Otsu

Little Otsu creates useful books and beautiful print products, using recycled and alternative materials.

Urban Retrospectives

Photo-illustrations of historic and civic landmarks.


David Harlan's Popglory is a fun take on pop-culture love.

Bumper Crop

Modern stickers written by Lily Hudson and designed by Cielle Charron, they're perfect for laptops, and, if you have one, a bumper.

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Creator of the Modern Women line of books, merch and more.

Tae Won Yu

Tae scurries around with a camera, sketchbook and creative imagination tucked in his black couriers bag.

Field Notes Brand

The iconic American brand.

Slow Loris

Jessica Lynch and Arlo Rumpff live, work and play on a small island in the Pacific Northwest.

Mimi Williams

Mimi carves each of her striking images in a linoleum block.

Sam McPheeters

Sam McPheeters is a writer and artist living in Southern California.

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Educator and illustrator who's work examines our compulsion to consume.

Nathan McKee

Buttons, zines and other cultural ephemera.

Archie's Press

Circle maps and more.

Betty and Dupree

Publishers of fine papergoods from the UK.

Nicole Lavelle

Nicole Lavelle makes work with people, places, paper, language and landscapes.


Plazm is a design studio that puts out an amazing magazine.

Evah Fan

Evah is an artist and illustrator hand-spinning in Oakland, California.

BT Livermore

BT is an artist and sign-painter making great goods.

Anthony Zinonos

Anthony's collages are filled with a sense of wonder and motion, they feel increadibly alive and intentional.

Jason Sturgill

Jason is a visual artist and educator.

Matt Sundstrom

Matt Sundstrom is an incredible illustrator that documents the world around him.

Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart is a freelance cartoonist from Portland, Oregon.

Molly Mendoza

Molly Mendoza's illustrations combine storytelling and rhythm with wild dry-brush and bold color.

Lela Shields

Lela Shields paints in the human, animal and spiritual realms.

Graeme Zirk

Illustrator and designer based in Vancover, British Columbia.

Caitlin Keegan

Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer.

Rilla Alexander

Rilla Alexander is a designer, illustrator, and picture-book maker whose work has appeared on everything from toys and teacups to buses and buildings.

Hiller Goodspeed

Hiller Goodspeed is a thoughtfully charming illustrator who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy is a musician, singer-songwriter and author best known as the frontman of The Decemberists and writing the Wildwood series.

Lettie Jane Rennekamp

Lettie Jane is an artist working in Portland from way of Kentucky.

Greenwich Letterpress

Amy Salvini Swanson and Beth Salvini opened the doors of Greenwich Letterpress in early 2005.

Michelle Rial

Michelle Rial makes charts of out of things.

Aaron Piland

Aaron Piland explores the mysterious inner dimensions of emptiness and form where thoughts explode into sound and feelings radiate color.

Papio Press

Papio Press is run by husband and wife illustrating team Harry & Zanna Goldhawk from their seaside cottage in Cornwall.

The Portland Stamp Company

The Portland Stamp Company celebrates and revivies the lost art of poster stamps.

Wild Optimist

Christa Pierce is a children's author and illustrator from Portland, Oregon.

Molly Butler

Molly Butler is an artist and procrastinator who taught herself design when she wasn't doing laundry.

Loose Leaves Paper Goods

Loose Leaves Paper Goods features the art of illustrator Laura Konyndyk that embodies originality, playfulness, and artistic excellence.

Etc. Letterpress

Small women-run letterpress shop in the southwest.

Elevator Teeth

Self-proclaimed Creator of Content, Elevator Teeth creates tiny pieces of art.

The Galek Sea

Wonderful collages of old moons and more.


XOXO is an experimental festival for independent artists who live and work online.

One Lane Road

One Lane Road features illustrated home goods, stationery and more from Becky Dawson.

Matty Newton

Matty's work explores pop culture, social commentary and frivolity.

Molly Kat Clasen

Molly Clasen is an illustrator and visual storyteller living in Portland, Oregon.

Matt Schumacher

Matt is an illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, where he likes to draw a lot of plants and houses.

Johnny Acurso

Jonny Acurso is an illustraor and painter in Portland, Oregon.

Amy Ruppel

Amy is a full-time artist and illustrator in beautiful & green Portland, Oregon.

Violet Reed

Violet Reed is a designer, illustrator, and comics artist from Portland, OR.

Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki is an illustrator, author, and comics artist living in Toronto, Ontario.

Chris Adams

Chris loves mushrooms and he's gone on a quest to document them all.

Mac Barnett

Mac Barnett is an amazing children's author.

Sara Rubin

Sara Rubin is an artist living in Los Angeles. She utilizes colored pencils and ink to bring her surreal worlds and creatures to life.

Maren Salomon

Maren Salomon is a freelance illustrator and mixed media artist located in the Pacific Northwest.

Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen is an animator, writer and illustrator of children's books.

Elizabeth Haidle

Elizabeth Haidle lives in Portland, Oregon and specializes in nonfiction comics.

Theresa Bear

You will always see flowers in Theresa's work, or pieces of nature. Her goal is to remind the world that we are all an unstoppable force of magic.

Allan Graves

British artist born in Barcelona who's love for monster culture is infectious.

Amanda M. Jorgenson

Based in Seattle, Washington, but Alaska-raised, Amanda creates drawings and paintings of some of our rarest and most elusive flora and fauna found in the Pacific Northwest.

Nishat Akhtar

Nishat Akhtar is a Creative Director at Instrument and an adjunct professor of design at Portland State University with an ongoing illustration and art practice.

Luka Grafera

Luka Grafera is an icon designer and illustrator living in Portland, specializing in painting delicious food and drinks.

Corinna Luyken

Corinna Luyken is the author-illustrator of The Tree in Me, as well as the NY Times bestseller, My Heart, and The Book of Mistakes.

Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist and writer who believes that anything is possible.

Vieux Monde Express

Vintage tarot and images brought back to life.

Allira Tee

Allira Tee is an illustrator and children's book author based in Melbourne, Australia.

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