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Artists & Instigators

We work with some of the most talented individuals and groups we've come across.

They make everything from tiny letter-pressed paper goods to handmade bags, from baby clothes to books about anti-future futurism.

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Berkley Illustration

Amazing Illustrations of Animals In Suits.

Nikki McClure

Nikki uses an x-acto knife to cut her designs into paper.

Emily Winfield Martin

Emily paints delightful action.

Will Bryant

Hip cat from Texas drawing radness.

Always With Honor

Always With Honor is the design and illustration studio of Elsa and Tyler Lang.

Steam Whistle Letterpress

Steam Whistle Letterpress is handset with vintage type and halftone cuts.

Sarah Utter

Reading Is Sexy? Sarah says so.

Jill Bliss

Art, images and goods featuring west coast plants, animals & ecosystems.

Little Otsu

Little Otsu creates useful books and beautiful print products, using recycled and alternative materials.

Slow Loris

Jessica Lynch and Arlo Rumpff live, work and play on a small island in the Pacific Northwest.

The Victory Garden of Tomorrow

WPA-Inspired Pro-Garden Propaganda

Gemma Correll

Pugs, wit and charm in a style all her own.

Power and Light Press

Handprinted letterpress excellence.


Fun, handmade designs from Los Angeles.

Susie Ghahremani

Her delightful illustrations bring a smile to the face of all who see them.

Trish Grantham

Trish Grantham paints charming animals and other anthropomorphized objects.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero is a professional designer, accidental writer, lapsed illustrator, and terrible photographer.

Sock It To Me

Stylish, comfortable socks designed in Portland, Oregon.

Yellow Owl Workshop

Creative, fun stamps, cards, prints, kids and more.


Radical Wallets, Passport Holders and Checkbook Covers.

Sean Tejaratchi

The mastermind behind the wonderful Crap Hound magazine.

Stumptown Printers

Posters, Prints and Packaging.

Badge Bomb

Great buttons and magnets.

Lizzy Stewart

Lizzy's delicate ink and watercolour work stems from the narratives of folk music and literature.

Urban Retrospectives

Photo-illustrations of historic and civic landmarks.

Nate Manny

Nate plays guitar, makes tattoos, designs posters and art.

Peter Nevins

Woodblock prints and cards.


David Harlan's Popglory is a fun take on pop-culture love.

Demerit Wear

The Demerit Badge Company makes badges in the USA.


Two artists and illustrators. One name.

Leah Duncan

Leah takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape of her Texas home.

Bread and Badger

Bread and Badger

Husband and wife team hand-etching glassware.


The fantastical magic duo of Aaron and Ayumi make wonderful cards.

M. Sasek

Visionary children's books from 40 years ago.

Jenny Tiffany

Modern interpretations of the American West.


Lena makes nice little necklaces and earrings. Styles vary all the time.


Norma de León is a designer and illustrator from Guatemala City.

Fluffy Co

Wallets, Belts and Homegoods

Animal Sleep Stories

Gorgeous multi-color, hand-done silkscreen prints.

Kate Endle

Collage artist from Seattle making adorable work.

Rachel Austin

Prints from her wonderful paintings.

Sarah Andreacchio

Sarah's vibrant designs are full of joyful animals and plants.

Tae Won Yu

Tae scurries around with a camera, sketchbook and creative imagination tucked in his black couriers bag.

Matthew Porter

These miniaturized paintings contain the magic power to stick to metal.

Tom Frost

A respectful nod to all things retro gives his work a timeless feel.

Stella Marrs

Stella's work is a mix of humor, political activism and pure brilliance.

Alyssa Nassner

Alyssa's work is playful and fun.


Thoughtful and designed temporary tattoos.

Forest and Waves

Edward Juan is the artist behind this great series.

Vikki Chu

Vikki Chu is a freelance illustrator and pattern designer from Richmond, Virginia, now based in New York.

Eloise Renouf

Eloise Renouf is a textile and stationery designer living in Nottingham, England.

Mimi Williams

Mimi carves each of her striking images in a linoleum block.

Sam McPheeters

Sam McPheeters is a writer and artist living in Southern California.

Ashley G

Ashley's charming drawings inspire and delight.

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Educator and illustrator who's work examines our compulsion to consume.


Kiku creates wonderful glass goods.

Nathan McKee

Buttons, zines and other cultural ephemera.

Red Bat Press

Carye Bye prints each of her wood-block prints by hand.

Archie's Press

Circle maps and more.

Betty and Dupree

Publishers of fine papergoods from the UK.

Nicole Lavelle

Nicole Lavelle makes work with people, places, paper, language and landscapes.

Dream of Stars

Emily St. Clair is a woman-woman powerhouse of awesomeness.

Laurent Moreau

Author and illustrator of several children's books, Laurent Moreau's fresh and modern images are full of decorative plants and animals.


Plazm is a design studio that puts out an amazing magazine.

Marcus Oakley

Marcus Oakley's illustrations evoke a charming childhood innocence.

Steel Toe Studios

Forged in steel, these belt buckles and accessories are pretty tough... yet beautiful.

Evah Fan

Evah is an artist and illustrator hand-spinning in Oakland, California.

Osian Efnisien

Exploring two dimensional character variations, and geometric patterns.

Meg Hunt

Meg is an illustrator living and teaching in Portland, Oregon.

Adam J. Kurtz

Adam JK knows that things are what you make of them.

BT Livermore

BT is an artist and sign-painter making great goods.

Aijung Kim

Carefully illustrates the world around her in romantic detail.

KeeganMeegan & Co.

Illustration, painting, printing. They do it all superbly.

Lara Hawthorne

Lara is inspired by African textile designs, Folklore, and the animal kingdom.

Jason Sturgill

Jason is a visual artist and educator.



Crimethinc is a decentralized anarchist collective.

Atherton Lin

Atherton Lin

London-based dynamic design duo.

Nik Bresnick

Nik Bresnick

Nik Bresnick illustrated a wonderful collection of flora and fauna phonetic alphabet prints.



The original found-art magazine.

Colette Patterns

Colette Patterns

A new line of gorgeous sewing patterns with modern lines and vintage-inspired details.

Brendan Monroe

Brendan Monroe

Brendan is an amazing illustrator producing incredible self-published books.

Adrienne Vita

Adrienne Vita

Illustrator and painter living in Portland, Oregon.

Alex Despain

Alex Despain

Alex is an illustrator living in Portland, Oregon.

Mecca Normal

Mecca Normal

David Lester and Jean Smith are the legendary underground rock duo.

Aron Nels Steinke

Aron Nels Steinke

Illustrator and zine-maker.

Heidi Hopfer

Heidi Hopfer

Prints from illustrations of love. Made in Portland, Oregon.

Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg is the author of four books of poetry.

The Flat Win Company

The Flat Win Company

A postmodern art lesson on the economy for only $1.

Matt Sundstrom

Matt Sundstrom

Matt Sundstrom is an increadible illustrator that documents the world around him.

Brian Ormiston

Brian Ormiston

An amazing story artist and illustrator.

The Sherwood Press

The Sherwood Press

A tiny one-room, one-woman press located in the woods.

C.C. Stern Type Foundry

C.C. Stern Type Foundry

A non-profit working museum which casts letterpress metal type and ornaments. A gathering place for type enthusiasts of all stripes.

Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia is a Minneapolis based illustrator, who by day works as a textile designer.

SP Blanks

SP Blanks

SP Blanks makes craft-it-yourself packaging, paper goods and supplies for the independent printer and artist.

Sam Marshall

Sam Marshall

Printmaker working with old-school techniquies in rural Northamptonshire.

Lela Shields

Lela Shields

Lela Shields paints in the human, animal and spiritual realms.

Graeme Zirk

Graeme Zirk

Illustrator and designer based in Vancover, British Columbia.

Allison Cole

Allison Cole

Offbeat, fun and delightful stationary brand.

Sad Animal Facts

Sad Animal Facts

Brooke Barker loves sad animal facts, and she shares them.

Bjorn R. Lie

Bjorn R. Lie

Bjřrn Rune Lie is a Norwegian illustrator who now lives and works in Bristol, England.

Coin-Op Comics

Coin-Op Comics

A sister and brother work together to create a stunning series of comics.

Teagan White

Teagan White

Author and illustrator Teagan White writes and draws about barefoot creatures.

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