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Don’t forget to join us tomorrow, Thursday the 19th from 4-7pm for the @outletpdx open house!
Now shipping! Share your love for Pete Seeger with two of our favorite artists, @dullandwitlessboy and @nikkimcclure. #colin-meloy-nikki-mcclure-the-golden-thread
Join us during @designweekpdx for this fun Crap Hound event @outletpdx. We’ll have plenty of copies available plus come make buttons out of the art on the Risograph. 4-7pm, next Thursday the 19th, here in Portland. All ages are welcome and encouraged. #dwpdx
Encourage your community to look out for each other with these durable new @victorygardenoftomorrow garden signs. #victory-garden-neighborhood-watch-sign
Go on an adventure with our new series of six letterpress @carsonellis notecards. Printed on thick card stock just down the street by @stumptownprinters. #carson-ellis-rock-with-reeds-notecard
Summon by @nikkimcclure. #internationalwomensday
Let’s ride into the future with new Dream World puzzles from @emilyblackapple. For ages 3 and up, and made in the USA. #emily-winfield-martin-dream-fox-puzzle
Your newest tote bag has just come in. “RIP PATRIARCHY: YOUR TIME HAS COME" by @gottesss #rip-patriarchy-black-tote
Super into these new decals from @slow_loris_studio, perfect for a car window or something you want the light to shine through like stained glass. #slowloris-crescent-moon-stained-glass-decal
Add some pop to your Valentine’s Day gift with a great assortment of pins from @popglory.
The time is now for unity, solidarity and love! We've just added a great new collection of magnets, patches and stickers from @lisacongdon. #lisa-congdon-unity-button-magnet
Let’s do this! Back in stock from @carsonellis, Onward cards benefiting @plannedparenthood and Impeach stickers with proceeds to @splcenter.
"I love you like I love my coffee" — a new mug by @adamjk is a great gift for the one you love. #adam-jk-i-love-you-like-i-love-my-coffee-red-mug
With the help of illustrator Elinor Blake, the perennial White Stripes favorite feels right at home on the page as a children's book. . Walk with me, Suzy Lee Through the park and by the tree We will rest upon the ground And look at all the bugs we found . #jack-white-were-going-to-be-friends
Some Unsolicited Advice from @adamjk for 2018. Have fun out there tonight everyone and be safe. Happy New Year!
From the creator of Crap Hound and LiarTownUSA comes the Social Justice Kittens 2018 calendar. Order today and start the new year off right! #liartownusa-social-justice-kittens-2018
We’ve got over a dozen new sticker designs from @bumper_crop, perfect for your car, your locker or your laptop. #bumper-crop-i-like-my-avocados-firm-yet-yielding
Did you remember to light your menorah yesterday? Don’t worry, there are seven more nights to go. #steam-whistle-happy-hanukkah-baby-card
@lubellwoo just dropped off a few more of her handy guide to sailors’ tattoos. Signed, numbered, letterpressed, and perfect for your wall. #lucy-bellwood-art-of-the-sailor-print
We are happy to announce the arrival of two new issues of Crap Hound! Issue 5 visually explores popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of Hands, Hearts & Eyes. And Issue 9 combines everyone's favorite two topics: Kitchen Gadgets and Sex. #crap-hound-no5
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