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While you won't be able to make out much on the face of the moon during the eclipse on Monday, this letterpress map from @archiespress will remind you what you're missing. Don't forget your eclipse glasses! #archies-press-black-moon-map
Continuing in our series of prints from the @herownwingsshow is this powerful image from @violentcosmos. On display at our @landpdx gallery right now, we are also shipping 13" x 19" prints to your home. #her-own-wings-ona-pitschka-print
In advance of our upcoming reprints of Crap Hound, we are happy to introduce a new series of six postcards from Sean Tejaratchi. Each friendship-themed card features a "found" magazine cover. #liartown-ladypals-magazine-postcard
This handsome French Bulldog by @theberkleys adorns a tray ready to hold your keys, coins or jewelry. He arrives in a gift box along with a short biography, so you can properly welcome him to your home. #berkley-illustration-frenchie-portrait-tray
Sean Tejaratchi's social justice kitten postcards are here for you when you need them. Like today. #liartownusa-the-world-is-richer-postcard
It's here! @nikkimcclure 's latest collection of papercuts will delight and inspire you throughout 2018. Get a head start on your giving with a three pack of calendars and take $9 off. #nikki-mcclure-2018-wall-calendar
You are your own home, wherever you go. Keychain by @adamjk. #adam-jk-home-keychain
What are your plans this evening? Our new postcard from @nikkimcclure is a striking image from her 2009 wall calendar. #nikki-postcard-tonight
Celebrate #internationalcatday with this wonderful and colorful book by @boygirlparty. #susie-ghahremani-stack-the-cats-book
Prints from the @herownwingsshow at @landpdx are now available on the site! The show includes contributions from 17 different artists, including this amazing piece by our very own @msmollym! #her-own-wings-molly-mendoza-print
We are proud to announce that we are now carrying feminist masterpieces for your everyday by @_notes_to_self! Patches, pins, postcards and stickers that remind us we are stronger together!
The new Crescent Moon shirt by @slow_loris_studio featuring a Waxing Crescent moon which signifies that things are moving forward and might be a time to focus your strength and attention on new growth and changes. Available in unisex and women's sizes! #slowloris-unisex-crescent-moon
The amazing paper craft calendars from @goodmorninginc are here, all the way from Japan! Lots of new designs this year and old favorites including the flowers calendar! They sell out every year so we're letting you know early! #good-morning-flowers-2018-calendar
Show your poultry pride with these new garden signs made by @victorygardenoftomorrow! Durable enough to withstand the elements, it will look great on a stake, on a coop or on the barn! #victory-garden-victory-birds-garden-sign
From #tarogomi, the best-selling author of Everyone Poops, Growing Together is a box set of 4 books which feature a different pair of family members in each book who love and learn from one another. Eccentric, funny, and sweet! #taro-gomi-growing-together-book-set
Ohhhhh boy, it's begun. The Massive Shirt Sale is underway! Shirts are mostly $10, with a few as low as $5 and $1. Not a typo. 86 shirts are on sale now!
Wiener dog or shaggy dog? Cards by @powerandlightpress for all of your dog preferences.
@slow_loris_studio has made some new big and durable decals featuring their Mushroom series and their Resist design. Swipe through to see all four of these babies!
Whoa what'd you say? Eleven new cards from @allisoncoleillustration are now on the site?!? Swipe on through to see a sample of the bold and bright newness!
Help us welcome our new featured artist @lubellwoo! Lucy is a professional adventure cartoonist who has documented her life at sea aboard tall ships, whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon and more! We are thrilled to be carrying some of her fun products, including books, prints, and temporary tattoos, to name a few!