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Like A Dog
Recidivis #1, 2 and assorted garbage

One man's heartfelt and irreverent record of his time on this rock, Zak Sally's unflinchingly veracious book, Like a Dog, is both direct and oblique: rather miraculous considering the messy and murky waters of human experience it manages to navigate.

This book is among the few comic-book testimonials burdened by the yen to understand and articulate the mundane and the magnificent. Don't be surprised if you find yourself laughing and crying as you claw your way through each hard-fought page!

This hardcover book collects the best of his acclaimed short stories from the past 15 years, published in his Eisner-nominated self-published series Recidivist (the first two issues of which are reprinted here in their entirety) and in publications like Mome, The Drama, Your Flesh, Dirty Stories, and more.

It spotlights Zak's uncanny ability to create emotional havoc out of claustrophobic images, situations and dialogue. Stories like "Don't Move," "The War Back Home," and "Two Idiot Brothers" share little in common on the surface but are united by Zak's forbidding style, creating a sense of dread that permeates almost every page.

Pages: 128

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