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Their Our Story (In Passing)
Benefit Zine and Stamps
Proceeds go to a variety of BLM-supportive organizations

“I believe that in times of conflict, strife and uncertainty, sometimes you have to create your own inspiration. I have created this personal meditation of portraits to offer as inspiration and my tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. This started as a way to process my own experience with the oppressive authority of the hands of the police but has become my attempt to educate, empower and fuel change.”  —Damion Triplett

There is an African-American life, whose existence is in danger of being compromised by systemic racism every day. Simple actions that most of us might not think twice about can easily lead to the last words or thoughts of the next victim. 

Not all injustices end in a fatality—microaggressions, racism and systemic threats are pervasive threats to all Black people. George Floyd’s tragic death shifted the public sentiment around The Black Lives Matter Movement, creating new opportunities for awareness and motivation. This project is about honoring this moment both personally and through a representative selection of victims I hope to inspire change. 

Size: 5" x 7"

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Damion Triplett is a passionate maker and thinker who lives in Portland OR with his wife and two children. He has a background in theater, prop making for film and video, and a degree in Applied Design and Graphic Design from Portland State University.

Damion started his creative work in set design and construction before starting his own custom furniture company. From there he worked at Wieden+Kennedy before landing at Nike (where he still works full time as a creative director of retail and experience).

Damion’s work creates work that ranges from installations to paintings and in this case drawings. 

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