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The Little Guide to Birds
For Kids and Adults Alike

Discover the secret world of our feathered friends with this handy pocket guide. Beautifully illustrated throughout, The Little Guide to Birds offers a fresh perspective on identifying the finches from the waterfowl around you.

Featuring 40 of the most spectacular birds from all over the world, including common garden birds we know and love, as well as exotic flyers, birds of prey, and sea-faring fowl.

Each bird has been delicately illustrated by printmaker Tom Frost to capture their individual characteristics, and accompanied by information about where they come from, how many eggs they lay, wingspan, and the incredible journeys they may fly in their lifetime, plus associated facts and fables.

Size:  5.75" x 5.75"

Pages: 95

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A respectful nod to all things retro gives his work a timeless feel.

There is also an interactive spotter’s guide at the back, where you can check off each bird as you find them.

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