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Frosty Finds Fancy
Keepsake Card

Orange frosty is made up of 8 line and 12 line wood Kabel "Os". Frosty's arms are a series of linotype em dashes with 10 pt ^ 400 fist. Silver frosty is freshly cast 12pt Linotype border matrix 1271A. Dapper dude is printed from original newspaper advertising cut. Type is Linotype Garamond 6pt 1558. The "L" matrix was being a little rebellious and didn't want to sit still while casting took place, but I liked the way it looked.  

Stumptown Printers keepsake prints are made in small batch editions using both Letterpress and traditional Offset Lithographic printing techniques. 

Each package contains a continental-sized (4" x 6") print with blank area for note writing, a custom-made envelope which includes decorative linotype-composed printing, and an information tag that describes the production process and equipment used to produce the print. 

Size: 4" x 6"

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