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Monsterama #1
Nostalgia Driven Horror Art Zine

Here comes MONSTERAMA!!!

This amazing magazine from the UK is devoted to showcase old horror graphics, like those beloved drive-in ads, mixed with contemporary horror art from great artists worldwide.

Inside you will find zombies, vampires, werewolves and many many monsters of times past. 

A whooping 100 black and white pages with a fantastic black and orange cover. Printed in the UK. Imported. 

Pages: 100

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London-based Tattoo Artist Allan Graves has been assembling the magazine and is proud to introduce it's first issue. We're thrilled to be distributing it in the US.

Featuring: Oscar Hertin (SPAIN), Kevin Saunders (USA), Bryan Baugh (USA), Mitch O'Conell (USA), Sergi Enfruns (SPAIN), Paul Garner (UK), Mr Duck Plunkett (SPAIN), Miki Edge (SPAIN), Eric Pigors (USA), Dug Nation (USA), Aureole  McPine (AUSTRALIA), Marcos cabrera (SPAIN), Ben Estrada (MEXICO), Yas Aybar (UK), Mariano Caceres (SPAIN), George Archer (USA), Eneko Por Vida (SPAIN), Zoe Lodge (UK), Kostas Kotsidis (Greece), Paskal Millet (France), Mariano 13 Burials (Argentina), Inma Alted (UK), Allan Graves (UK), Porl Mchale (UK), Justin White (USA), Huw Evans (CANADA), Ribefex (SPAIN).

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