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Allisons’ Personal Floppy Disk
Disk and Flyer

Inspired by PC games of the 80s and 90s that included objects from the world of the game, often called “feelies”, this floppy and accompanying torn flyer were part of the original special order bundle for Increadible Doom Vol. 2. There were a handful of extras made and those are now available. This includes:

-A working recreation of Allisons’ personal floppy disk. It’s filled with personal files, unseen emails with Samir, diary entries, ASCII art, and more. 

-A torn flyer for ”ZephyrTech, “ Allison and Samir’s internet provider. The brochure includes clues for accessing Allison’s private online storage, which contains the same files as the floppy disk.

Size: 3.5"

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Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden illustrate and write Incredible Doom — an intimate, harrowing comic about teenagers navigating the wild, dangerous days of the early internet by.

It started life as a webcomic and self-published mini-comic series in 2016. Producing six handcrafted mini-comics collected into a slipcased set, with a "Feelie" in the back of each issue.

Can these friendships, forged on the internet—the most controversial tool of the modern era—survive the “real world”… or will they drop like a bad connection?

Ideal for readers at least 14-17 years old.


Matthew Bogart is a cartoonist living in Portland, Oregon. He has been publishing comics since he was ten and his father let him loose on the office photocopier.

Jesse Holden is a writer, designer, and creative collaborator on comics, novels, podcasts, and video games. He lives in Portland with his dog, Fergus.

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