Incredible Doom Issue 6
Retention of Vision Vanish

1991: Allison and Samir, two teenagers in love, have run away together, trying to escape Allisons oppressive father. Now where do they go? How do you start a bold new life without any money, food, or pants? 

The double sized season finale in the acclaimed series that Cory Doctorow calls "Incredibly strong and not a little disturbing."  

Matthew Bogart is a freelance cartoonist from Portland, OR.

Pocket-sized paperback with staple binding and rounded corners.

Covers printed by Eberhardt Press, Portland OR.

Size: 4.25" x 5.25"

Pages: 40

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Matthew Bogart is a cartoonist living in Portland, Oregon.

His work includes Incredible Doom, a graphic novel series about 90s teens having their lives turned upside down by the early internet, and The Chairs' Hiatus, about two best friends who become famous and have a mysterious falling out. They are slice-of-life comics that sometimes include rock stars and rocket ships.

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