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Many Moons
2018 Workbook: Vol 2

The book begins in July 2018 and focuses on the second half of the year. It's filled with all new material for the new year.

This volume contains recipes, spell working suggestions and advice, manifestation musings, Tarot Talk, and self-help and development prompts to aid you in your evolution, healing, and to get your momentum and desires moving and flowing.

Information is given, questions are asked and exercises are suggested to help you with your own self-empowerment.

Explore a world where witches, women, femmes, and weirdos make their dreams come true, help others and the greater collective in service of their higher self and of spirit.

Printed on recycled paper in California.​

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This workbook includes:

- Over 4 different Tarot Spreads.

- Over 16 different and new rituals and spell workings.

- Writings about Hecate, Innana, the Devil, boundary work, connecting with your intuition, sex magick, upleveling kickbacks, meditation ideas, crystal and herbal suggestions for the different main phases of the moon.

- Astrology overviews for each month.

- And much much much more!

As always, the author and editor Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is joined by a wonderfully diverse collective of experienced practitioners of various modalities. This volume includes Diego Basdeo with your monthly astro info, writer and activist Virgie Tovar, herbalist and practitioner Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster, doula and Yoga teacher Monique McCrystal, artist Rachel Blodgett of Serpent and Bow, Herbalist, Channeler, and healer Shayne Case, and Tarot Reader, writer, and business owner Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot.

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