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Many Moons
2017 Workbook: Vol 2 July - December

This volume covers the main moon phases for July through December, 2017.

The latest edition of Sarah Faith Gottesdiener's workbook contains spell suggestions and workings, self-development prompts and more.

Additionally, there is a moon calendar in the back, lots of guided journal pages, astological overviews, tarot spreads, and recipes too.

“Self-help work and spiritual practices are complicated, personal and require commitment and discipline.”

Full of research, musings, and information to guide you through the main Moon phases of each month.

Includes stellar contributions from a group of varied spiritual practitioners.

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Diego Basdeo with an overview of astro influences for each month. 
Tatianna Morales with a New Moon in Polaris spread for January. 
Marcella Kroll with a Pisces Moon ritual. 
Jess Schreibstein with a March Full Moon recipe. 
Erin Telford with a breath work New Moon exercise. 
Liz Migliorelli with suggestions on how to work with herbal allies for the May Full moon. 
JAHA Priestess on vocal toning for the Dark Moon in June.

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