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A Cat's Guide to Money
Everything You Need to Know to Master your Purrsonal Finances, Explained by Cats

Leave your money worries behind!

Most personal finance is boring, stressful, and quite frankly, has far too few cats. There are a lot of resources out there—but most don't take into account the way many of us work these days: with variable income, side hustles, and no access to things like a 401K.

Lillian Karabaic began teaching personal finance because she was frustrated with the lack of queer-friendly, feminist, and, most of all, fun personal finance education—especially stuff that deals with actual real-life money issues and doesn't assume you have a full-time job with benefits, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence.

Pages: 212

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A Cat's Guide to Money workbook will help you identify your personal values and priorities, craft a customized budget, pay off your debt, and achieve financial security. All in good humor and with tons of hands-on exercises and sweet kitty illustrations.

In Get Your Money Together you’ll learn about:
The Cat Tower of Financial Well-Being
Achieving financial balance
Purrfecting your budget: Creating a system that actually works for you
Dealing with debt: Simple steps to smash your debt
Learning to love saving
Investing in your financial independence, a.k.a, how and why to save for retirement
Using credit: Your credit score, how to fix it if you need to, and common credit myths
Homemaking: Renting vs. buying 
Identifying which kinds of insurance you actually need

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