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Hand of Fate
Lapel Pin

Can you change the future? Can you change the past? Will you take matters into your own hands, or is your fate predetermined?

An enamel pin for all fate tempters, wish makers, hopeless dreamers & true believers.

Hard enamel and gold tone pin with 2 prongs for stability and 2 pink rubber non-slip clutches.

Edition of 100.

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It Will Be Known To Us is Lisa Ciccarello and Emma Trithart.

Lisa Ciccarello is the author of At Night (Black Ocean), as well as several chapbooks, including the recent I only thought of the farm (DoubleCross Press), & “Chief!” (InkPress). Her poems have appeared in Tin House, The Academy of American Poets, Denver Quarterly, the PEN Poetry Series, Handsome, Big Lucks, Corduroy Mtn. & The Volta, among others.

Emma Trithart is an illustrator, designer, hand letterer & cheese eater. Past clients include the Los Angeles Times, Boston Magazine, Disney Hyperion, HarperCollins and American Girl Magazine.

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