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Tub Notes *Seconds*
Notebook and Pencil *Seconds*
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The manufacturing process on these wonderful water-proof books can sometimes be, well, not the best — so we have a batch of seconds.

These seconds are non-perfect, slightly damaged copies; folded, faded or crinkled covers, warped pages, and slight defects.

If you weren't in the bath, you wouldn't get this barrage of brilliant ideas, but because you're in the bath, you can't write them down. From this age-old paradox, the waterproof TUB NOTES notebook was born. Keep it tubside, grab it with your wet, soapy hand and scribble away!

These holographic foil stamped notebooks each features 50 sheets of waterproof stone paper (powdered stone and resin that is pressed into smooth writing paper).

Comes with a custom TUB NOTES pencil. Do not use ink on these pages — it will run.

These also can be used as shower notes, but please, have a seat and relax.

These are offered at a huge discount and are not returnable.

Please note: This is a hand-printed product on special paper and may have slight imperfections and subltle wrinkling on edges.

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Hallie Bateman a freelance writer and illustrator based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Her work has been published by The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl and others.

She is the author of Brave New Work (2016), What To Do When Iím Gone (2018) and Directions (2021).

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