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Crap Hound - Hands, Hearts and Eyes
Reach Out And Touch Them All

Edited and designed by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound is the seminal mixture of social commentary and somewhat overindulgent graphic design.

This is the 6th edition released in 2021. It is 32 pages longer than the first edition, published in 1997 and has a new back cover.

Between a brief introduction and the end credits, Crap Hound is pure imagery. Each page is filled with high-contrast art, carefully taken from vintage catalogs, advertising, obscure books, and found ephemera.

Through sheer volume of artfully arranged iconography, this issue visually explores popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of Hands, Hearts & Eyes.

This issue was original known as Crap Hound No. 5 but has since been updated and improved.

Size: 8.5" x 11"

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Sean Tejaratchi is an American graphic designer, art director and writer.

He is currently based in Los Angeles, but cut his teeth working on alt-weeklies in Portland, Oregon in the 90s.

Sean is known for creating the clip art zine Crap Hound, and was voted one of "The 25 Funniest People on Twitter" by Rolling Stone in 2012. He also is known for the blog LiarTownUSA that defined what a modern satirist is in the early 2000s.

The issue you’re holding is 32 pages longer than the first edition, published in 1997. Eight pages were added for the second edition in 2004, 12 more for the third in 2010, and for 2017’s fifth edition, 12 more pages were added (12-15, 18, 19, and 76-81), bringing the total to a tidy 100.

For this sixth edition, I removed the Fair Use back cover design and inside essay and added a more timely back cover. The “reading oppressive books” quote was taken verbatim from a com- pletely unironic online post. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Finally, I removed an outdated “next issue” announcement and added a single new page of material (opposite this page).

To give you an idea of what goes into a typical issue, here’s a breakdown of page 6, selected more or less at random.

Ready? The eye chart came from Chloe Eudaly. The pics of blindfolded men in the corners came from both Art Chantry and Dan Howland. The needle and thread came from Mr. Chantry as well. The genetic dominance chart was sent by Lou Kregel in Nebraska. Betty Boop’s eyes, several of the sketched and “artistic” eyes, and the 7-eyed face at top are from Mr. Phil Milstein. The small, double-lidded eye next to the upper-leftmost glasses is from Kathy Molloy. The man removing debris from his eye came courtesy of James Sturm. The eye in the square at top, the eye to the right of the eye chart’s “E”, the bold eye above the mask, and the eye to the upper left of “Save your vision” (which came from Tom Nayder in Florida) are all from Robert Collison in S.F. The right eye/left eye diagram in the lower right corner came from Mia Lor Houlberg in Davis, CA. Amy Sacks loaned me an old cookbook with the potato eyes, and the tearful cartoon eyes next to the eye chart’s “6” are from Mitch O’Connell’s envelope. Most of the small eyes with mas- cara came from a beauty school textbook from Marci Macfarlane. The schematic eye with the axis lines (under the potatoes) is from Art Chantry. The stylized eye with the serrated lashes, at the upper right corner of the bottom eye dia- gram, came from Scott Gregory. The angry cartoon eyes next to the eye chart’s “1” came from West Armstrong. I found the Portland Pearl District logo, the mask in the center, the hands forming the eyes, and the figure forming an eye with his arms.

All the glasses came from scrapbooks I keep. That’s it. The ratio of contributed to personally collected material varies, but when it’s all added up, without contributors, this or any issue of Crap Hound would be about a quarter of the size.

My thanks again to everyone who helped. Enjoy the issue!

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