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Crap Hound - Clowns, Devils & Bait
The Devil You Know

Edited and designed by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound is the seminal mixture of social commentary and somewhat overindulgent graphic design.

You'll be shocked to find that the themes of this issue, as disperate as they may seem, do intersect.

Each page of Crap Hound is a treat to the eyes. Design-types will appreciate the incredible attention to detail of tessellation, and how each page tells a story all its own. Crafty-types and Xerox-jockeys will enjoy taking scissors to its pages and refashioning their own works.  Tattoo artists will revel in the iconography on each page.

100 pages of content, replete with the devil you know, clowns of all colors and enough bait that you'll be caught hook, line and sinker!

This issue was originally known as Crap Hound No. 4, but contains way more clowns now.

Size: 8.5" x 11"

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Sean Tejaratchi is an American graphic designer, art director and writer.

He is currently based in Los Angeles, but cut his teeth working on alt-weeklies in Portland, Oregon in the 90s.

Sean is known for creating the clip art zine Crap Hound, and was voted one of "The 25 Funniest People on Twitter" by Rolling Stone in 2012. He also is known for the blog LiarTownUSA that defined what a modern satirist is in the early 2000s.

Crap Hound No. 4 had 80 pages when it was first published in 1996.

The 2010 reprint maxed out at 100 pages, the upper limit allowed by the saddle- stitch (stapled) binding method at the printer.

For a few years, this issue came with a 20-page addendum containing additional imagery Id collected after publication.

These pages are now in the Collected Extras & Black Cat Mini-Issue, listed in the back.

If youre looking for even more of these topics, there are 14 additional pages in the Additions 2020 issue (along with previously unpublished material from other previously covered topics).

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