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Picket Line
Graphic Novel

Before you pick a side, you have to draw a line.

Picket Line is the Xeric award-winning graphic novel by Breena Bard (published as Breena Wiederhoeft).

It tells the story of Beatrice, a Midwestern girl living in northern California, who gets caught in a battle between environmentalists and an unpopular land developer. In order to soothe her restless craving to belong, she must pick a side between her well-meaning boss Rex, and a growing mass of protestors fighting to save their treasured Redwoods. In this in-between state, Picket Line sets up camp, and its characters take their stand.

Self-published in August, 2011.

Printed in Black & White.

Ages 12 and up.

Size: 6.5" x 8.25"

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