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Ranger Bison
Art Print

We love the Berkley's illustrations. Whimsical, with a hint of downright seriousness, you'll see the personality of his animals shine through as they're dressed up in their Sunday best.

It was only natural that this bison became a ranger at Yellowstone National Park.

His understanding of the land was unmatched and he was eager to share his stories of sadness and triumph with visitors from around the planet. Many children have grown up with a richer understanding of nature and preservation thanks to his captivating park tours.

This is a signed, digital archival print created from an original pen and ink drawing. Ships flat with backing in a clear sleeve.

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Ryan Berkley's illustrations have been delighting audiences across the globe for the last decade.

His wife, Lucy, pairs each animal with its own quirky backstory and together they?ve created a curious menagerie of serious yet silly characters.

They work from their house in the woods of Portland, Oregon alongside their two young children and one handsome hound dog.

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