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Sea Otter
Archival Print
Benefits Sea Otter Restoration

Sea Otters were once common along the entire West Coast, but were hunted to near-extenction in much of their range, including Oregon, more than a century ago.

Since then, sea otters have returned to California, Washington and British Columbia—but they remain missing from Oregon.

Proceeds from sale of this print benefit The Elakha Alliance — a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring sea otters to Oregon's coast. Named for the Chinook Indian word for sea otter, the Elkha Alliance brings together costal tribes, scientists and organizations with interests in a healthy marine ecosystem to promote research and other activities needed to return this keystone species to Oregon.

Printed by the Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon using an 11-ink color process on enhanced matte paper with rich blacks and vibrant colors that capture the artists' true intent.

Size: 8.5" x 11"

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