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Crap Hound - More Unhappiness
Companion Issue to The Big Book of Unhappiness


The Atlas of Amazing Birds
Discover Beautiful Birds from Around the World


Where Yawns Go
Children's Book (Story by Jiggs)


Children's Board Book


Homophones Visualized
100 Sets of Homophones Explained


Am I Overthinking This?
Over-Answering Life's Questions in 101 Charts

$14.95 With Exclusive Mini-Print

How To Be A Cat
Children's Board Book


Nature Anatomy Notebook
A Place to Track and Draw your Daily Observations


Zoetrope: All-Story
With Guest Designer Carson Ellis


Swarm of Bees
With Illustrations by Rilla Alexander


Russian Criminal Tattoos and Playing Cards
The Secret Art and Culture of the Russian Criminal Playing Card


OK Tarot
The Simple Deck for Everyone


Crap Hound #9
Sex & Kitchen Gadgets


Crap Hound #6
Death, Phones & Scissors


Crap Hound #4
Clowns, Devils & Bait


The First Four Years: Book


A Tribute to the Many Possibilities of Home


A is for Zebra
All-Ages Alphabet Activity Art Book


This is Venice
Illustrated Children's Travel Books From The 60s

$17.95 $10.00

Instant Journaling
Chart Your Life, One Week at a Time


Boss Babes
A Coloring & Activity Book For Grown-Ups


Children's Book


An Illustrated Miscellany


Low Glow
Illustrated Hardcover Edition


Good Company
Issue No. 2 - The Fear(less) Issue

$18.00 $10.00

A Bear Sat on my Porch Today
With Illustrations by Rilla Alexander


A Charm of Goldfinches and Other Wild Gatherings
Quirky Collective Nouns of the Animal Kingdom


All In A Day
Children's Book by Cynthia Rylant


Who Found Herself in Architecture


An^log 2
A Notebook To Help People Think Visually


Drive Into The Sun
8 Days and 3,700 miles on the Oregon Trail


Poetry Book 23 Years In The Making


S Is For Salmon
A Pacific Northwest Alphabet


And Other Seabirds


1 Page At A Time (Red)
A Daily Creative Companion


Wake Up Your Imagination
A Journal for Creative Play


I Want to Be Creative
Thinking, Living and Working More Creatively


Portland Made
The Makers of Portland’s Manufacturing Renaissance


Our Most Charming Bird


The Shape of Design
Words on Paper [Paperback]


PDX 100
One Hundred Drawings of Portland