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SUNN0))))) - "Veils It White" 1-sided silkscreened 12" -TTH12/FULLBODYCAST SecondDegreeBurn $15/$19 INT
Quantity: SOLD OUT!

-A bone-white Qabbalic rumble from the center of a black hole, doomdroners SUNN's new contribution to the FULLBODYCAST cycle strikes slow and steady like the hammer of Judah. In this incarnation, SUNN is represented by Stephen (KHANATE, BURNING WITCH) O'Malley and Greg (GOATSNAKE, THORR'S HAMMER) Anderson, with sonic overlord duties in the capable hands of Mr. James Plotkin. Beautiful woodcut artwork by the late Martynas Meskauskas. Only 500 pressed. Ever.

Total Shutdown LP
Total Shutdown LP


A volcano-red handcreened-vinyl exhibition of raging neuron misfire from these up-and-killing San Francisco imminent mid-brow noisecore legends. Post-futuristic chaos blasts swallow their own tail and expel nigh-impossible jazz murder. The sound of a library and museum of technology colliding above your head, and the First Degree Burn in Thin the Herd's six-part FULLBODYCAST series. Proper.

Tracy + The Plastics

TTH-08: TRACY + THE PLASTICS - "Muscler's Guide to Videonics + RMXS by 1774" LP $8/$11
Quantity: SOLD OUT!

Womandroid fist and synthesized wail from the beta format's most formidable opponent. Also includes 3 unreleased remixes by cyborg wizard 1774.


TTH-11: TEEN CTHULHU 7" $4/$5.50

Tres abominations from these Seattle gastro-intestinal black-metal megavengers. Nearsighted purveyors of unimaginable agonies allow no dust to gather on their throne. Only 82,000 pressed!


TTH-09: Black Man White Man Dead Man 7" $4/$5.50

Four fingers and one thumb, such is the proportion of useless to skilled within the ranks of God's Army; Johnny and Luther Htoo are having a tough time of it, but that's the breaks when in the jungle, and invincibility is well worth the trade, as BLACK MAN WHITE MAN DEAD MAN have always known. Singer of Nervous System plays bass and yelps; Drummer from The Parlormaids' Revolt plays drums; Guitarist from Hard Knights plays guitar and sings. Not compatible with anything, anywhere.

Lowdown LP

TTH-06: Lowdown self-titled LP $8/$11

An organ-flexing cacophony of post-historic fine-tuned spasticism. Universally appreciated by learned and cauliflowered ears alike. Produced by Phil Elvrum of The Microphones. Brilliantimatter

Witchy Poo cover

TTH-05: Witchypoo "Olympia Must Die" 7" $4/$5.50

On this record Witchy Poo is Slim Moon, Joe Preston (Thrones), Jessica Espeleta (Frenchie and the German Girls), Zack Carlson (THE NERVOUS SYSTEM), and Sarah Utter (Bangs). Three songs including a cover of the Anal Satan by the Melvins. Full color cover plus self-portraits!

Enemymine/Vaz cover

TTH-04: Enemymine/Vaz split 7" $4/$5.50

An aural buffet for the discerning glutton. One unreleased track from moody migraine operators ENEMYMINE on the A-side, backed with ex-Hammerhead duo VAZ's amazing "Blocked By Satellites". There may be no God, but George Burns is more fun anyway.


TTH-03: SASQUATCHES CS - Kill You Time *BACK IN STOCK!* $3.50/$5

All seven great wonders of the world are hereby buried in an absolute barrage of sonic malfeasance. Hear squealmisters Him and Him deconstruct the fabric of the very universe while expounding on such subjects as the modern justice system, and just who is "The King of the Night"? Find out when you purchase our most important cassette release to date. PLUS!: comes with a FREE plastic ape! Yeah, you heard me.

Thee Hoodwinks


Barely postpubescent metal-tinged powerviolence. Compare well to MeltBanana, Morbid Angel, and His Hero is Gone. Also, the record features performances by Joshua Plague (the singer of Behead the Prophet and Mukilteo Fairies) and that Arrington guy from Old Time Relijun. Recorded by Joe Preston.

Today the Planet...

TTH-01 - Today the Planet, Tomorrow the World 7" $4/$5.50
Quantity: **OUT OF PRINT**

Recently inducted into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, this groundbreaking chronicle of the late 20th century is now made available to you, the lowly consumer. Otherwise unreleased accomplishments by modern neanderthal archivists THRONES, MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT, TOWEL and FASHIO. Buy it before you don't!

Fallen World zine

TTH-FW-1: Fallen World zine #1 FREE

Your "friends" at THIN THE HERD keep you abreast of things that aren't true or don't matter in this, the first in an endless stream of journalistic and visual hogwash. Materials enclosed not available on "inter-net". Free with your order upon request.

No New Science Fiction #1

SOAPOMR01: No New Science Fiction Issue 01 *BACK IN STOCK!* $1/$2

The first in a quantum series of postnatal ramblings and revenge fantasy cartoonins by Nathan of Boy Pussy USA and The Gossip (both of whom will soon be releasing materials on Thin The Herd). The psychological equivalent of a eunuch gang war. First release from Stranded on a Planet of Monsters, a division of Thin the Herd enterprises. $1 postpaid in the US, $2 elsewhere.

No New Science Fiction #1

SOAPOMR02: No new Science Fiction Issue 02 *BACK IN STOCK!* $1.50/$2.50

Twice as many pages of whatever this is. Only brilliant if you know how to read and/or enjoy funny drawings. Continues the brutal assault on the Lust Zombies. Life... but how to end it? $1.50 postpaid in the US, $2.50 elsewhere.

No New Science Fiction #3

SOAPOMR03: No new Science Fiction Issue 03 $1.50/$2.50

At last, another episode in the continuing saga of brain VS. body, body VS. world, world VS. brain. Features upsetting revelations concerning the nature of bone structure, emotions, Uncle Fester. Also includes funniest single page published within your lifetime, even if you're old.

Murder/Nervous System


The last copies of this hypocritically-acclaimed split single showcasing the tortured mangulations of two of 1998's brightest implosions. MURDER = Portland's answer to primate cannibalism, a supersonic chainsaw in the hands of a twelve-story infant. THE NERVOUS SYSTEM = clumsotronic Olympia sugar rush with Radio from The Need. Exploding in maximum canine empowerment. Delischeisse!