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You Are The Friction
Anthology of Short Fiction

You Are The Friction is an anthology of collaborative short fiction and illustration.

It's a small, bright red record of what happens when you introduce twelve writers to twelve illustrators, light a match, and run in the opposite direction.

Twelve short stories inspired by illustrations, twelve illustrations inspired by short stories, all collected in a handsome paperback edition. 

See the Additional Information tab below for list of the stories, artists and authors. 

Forward by Sean Michaels, cover by Ray Fenwick

Size: 5" x 7.5"

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Scott Campbell & Joshua Allen
A lumberjack auteur turns his back on a woodland filmset beset with creatures, while a bet is tentatively placed at Finch's.

Oliver Jeffers & Joe Meno
A practical guide to the correct uses of helium, and an abysmal warehouse rave leads to a bathtub tryst in Belfast.

Rob Hunter & Toby Litt
Two writers under different forms of scrutiny. Academic surveillance, and the enquiring advances of a biographer.

Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch & Nicolas Burrows
An ageing star mourns his wilder years in the company of sea creatures, and a young man explores the forest.

William Exley & Ronnie Scott
Two maps - for the tourists of Queensland, and for a father-to-be discovering his brother's sexual history.

Jim Tierney & Ned Beauman
A tragic wartime mystery laced with the scent of lilacs, and a window into the writers room of Dragonblade.

Hannah Waldron & Evie Wyld
Two quiet houses and their inhabitants. A nameless insomniac in the city, and a suburban Sydney widow.

Adrian Johnson & Richard Milward
Two sorry young lovelorn gents attempt to deal with their respective heartbreak through voodoo and bathwater.

Carson Ellis & Tess Lynch
A picture of newlyweds in the wake of a Russian honeymoon, and a wide-eyed revelation at a sewing circle.

William Goldsmith & Michael Crowe
Two labyrinthine digressions about teachers. Howard, a former stuntman, and Lance, lovesick and obsessive.

Ian Dingman & Kevin Fanning
A tender near-future story of a father and son, and a brief action sequence featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt and a demon.

Tom Gauld & Craig Taylor
Two stories about grief, experienced by an astronaut under interrogation, and friends on a budget flight somewhere over France.

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