Pandemic Shit
Archival Print

It’s been almost a full year of the mental, physical, and emotional drain of hitting the pandemic wall over and over again. But still we bloom. We bloom such big truths from the isolation, grief, accountability, and mourning. 

Human, you’re so resilient. 

The lows have been so low, but we always find a way to bring the highs. 

This is a high-resolution reproduction of her original, expertly printed by Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon using an 11-color high definition ink process on a fade-resistant enhanced matte archival paper.

Ships flat in a cellophane sleeve with a hard backing. Available in two sizes.



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Lives a simple life. She goes by the pronouns she/hers and graduated from Rocky Mountain School of Photography (Otherwise known as The Hogwarts School of Photography).

She is a human with the last name of an animal she aspires to be. Her dog is named after the stars (Star) and her baby Oak is named after a tree. Her work, life, and understanding of the World is inspired by the magic of nature on Earth.

You will always see flowers in her work or pieces of nature. Her goal is to remind the world that we are all an unstoppable force of magic. She strives to find, create, and tell the tales of this magic in each of her art pieces.

When we speak our worth to the universe by not giving into the gaslighters we shake the whole universe to bloom too.

And to the people, and places that we lost through listening to the whispers of truth the heart beats. Grateful to all who didn’t see us as important enough. The grief, taught us our worth. And how not to play the victim but to honor what our soul knows, our incredible magic. 

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