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White Stag Sign
Keepsake Card

Since its installation in 1940, the "White Stag" sign has become a popular symbol of Portland.

Advertising various commercial interests including the White Stag clothing brand until 2010, the sign is now owned by the city and welcomes visitors to the downtown core. 

Stumptown Printers keepsake prints are made in small batch editions using both Letterpress and traditional Offset Lithographic printing techniques.

The White Stag image was printed using Tri-color process.

Each package contains a continental-sized (4" x 6") print with blank area for note writing, a custom-made envelope which includes decorative linotype-composed printing, and an information tag that describes the production process and equipment used to produce the print.  

These cards evoke a tremendous sense of nostalgia and are a true delight to send and receive.

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