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Square Wood

These are some simple, yet stylish earrings.

A pinch of rounded, polished wood floats freely on a steel stem.

Surgical steel ear wire with a wooden bead on 2" stem.

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Lena makes nice little necklaces and earrings. Styles vary all the time.

About The Artist *NiceLena* jewelry begs to be seen as not just an accessory, but instead, a piece of wearable art.  Interesting shapes and patterns married with an eccentric imagination give birth to a collection of beautifully designed, handmade pieces ripe with personality.  Born in 1974, Lena lived her first ten years with her grandparents in Korea.  At the age of ten she came to the United States to join her mother.  Upon learning English and becoming quite enamored with the musical stylings of Heavy Metal, Lena became more and more serious about her desire to make art a legitimate career move.  Lena daydreams out of her home in Chicago.


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